Article clippings in English

I have devoted much of my reporting to business and politics, usually on a deadline. I have broken several news stories that can be found below, and I also have experience from spot news reporting from catastrophes such as major forest fires and floods. Features, including portraits, often with a striking photographic component, is also a passion. All photos by me unless otherwise noted.


Australian mining company wants to mine rare metals over 15,000 acres in northern Sweden; activists shocked

I broke this story, about an Australian mining company looking to prospect several large swaths of land in northern Sweden, while sifting through the many permit applications the municipal government reviews. The story became a sudden new development in the debate about whether a moratorium on mining should be introduced in this Swedish region. (for Mittmedia, published May 23, 2018)


From the front lines: The biggest forest fires in Swedish history

For Mittmedia and Hela Hälsingland and several associated print publications, I reported a number of times from large forest fires in central and northern Sweden, which raged for over a month and was fought by firefighters from more than five European countries. Much of my reporting was as spot news with my camera, notebook and as a live video reporter. This is some of my work from those burning weeks. (for Mittmedia, published during July 2018)


“Now that our office doors are closing – people are going to die": Eviction brings fear of more overdose deaths

This first-hand account of the opioid crisis was written for The Uptowner while at Columbia Journalism School. I followed the plight of the Washington Heights Corner Project, which supports drug users, as they were evicted from their main offices. Reactions from drug users, volunteers, community, neighbors, and more. (for The Uptowner, published September 11, 2018)


Legendary mustard maker closing Hudiksvall factory after being bought up by Scandinavian food conglomerate

Another business scoop I broke, revealing that an almost 100-year-old food manufacturer was being bought by a large conglomerate, which meant closing its mustard factory in this Swedish town. The story was picked up by business news outlets in Sweden and the company had to release a press release soon afterward. (for Mittmedia, published June 1, 2018)


Six-foot swells, tricky currents and 21-hour swims: meet the New Yorkers braving the Hudson River

A longer and visually rich feature on the open water swimming community in New York. I even joined a two-mile swim to the George Washington Bridge and back to get the photos I wanted for the story, which features many personalities from the lively community. And no, I did not get ill from swimming in the Hudson. (for The Uptowner, published October 22, 2018)


There's a war for space on city streets and bicyclists are on the front lines

Written for the European outlet Europe & Me, this analytical piece looks at how cars are gradually being pushed out of European cities in favour for other forms of transportation. I reported from Stockholm as a case study and the initiatives there, and how it affects residents. (for Europe & Me, published October 2, 2017)


Gravel producer wants to crush millions of tons of rock in large new quarry, worrying nearby residents

A story that I discovered while looking through permit applications to the local board of environment, which show that a national gravel producer had filed for permission to open a new major quarry. It would produce 10 million tons of gravel less than a mile from a populated area. Residents were less than pleased and voiced their discontent at a public meeting. (for Mittmedia, published June 12, 2018)


Catastrophic spring flood causes major damage; Swedish national emergency response agency will provide support

Reported extensively for many articles over several weeks from the catastrophic spring floods that struck several regions in northern and central Sweden, causing the national emergency agency to send  extra resources. Much of the reporting was done in rubber boots, reporting from flooded yards and houses, collapsing bridges and overflowing fields. (for Mittmedia, published April 22, 2018)


Swedish elections leave major parties reeling, populist Sweden Democrats emboldened

A same-night write-up on the Swedish 2018 general elections, published only a few hours after the polls closed, written for the European outlet Europe & Me. It describes the results in detail, explaining the deadlock that the result left Swedish parliament in. (for Europe & Me, published September 10, 2018)


Health professionals scramble to counter rising HIV rates among New York women

A health story for The Uptowner, where I wrote about the for many unknown fact that HIV rates are on the increase among women. Based on national, state and local statistics, I spoke to the doctors and advocates that struggle to get women to take the anti-HIV pill, Truvada, which plays a big part in prevention. (for The Uptowner, published October 2, 2018)


New York Democratic primary challenger nabs nomination after overwhelming turnout

I reported from the election night party for Democratic primary challenger, and eventually winner, Robert Jackson for an article written with colleagues at The Uptowner. I captured all the photos in the featured article, as well as many comments and scenes and color from the party ushering in a new era in this Northern Manhattan distric. (for The Uptowner, published September 13, 2018)